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Official Rules

Pascagoula Elks Gun Raffle

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to participate.

  • The 20 Gun Raffle Fundraiser is open to both the Pascagoula Elks Lodge #1120 Members and the public subject to State and Local laws. Out-of-town buyers will have to make arrangements with the vendor that we partner with for our raffle.

  • A minimum of 500 tickets must be sold to prevent a delay in the commencement of the drawing(s).

  • There is no limit to the number of tickets that a participant may purchase.

  • Unsold tickets will remain the property of Pascagoula Elks Lodge #1120

  • Each ticket is valid for all 20 drawings. A ticket holder may win up to 20 times (winning tickets are immediately returned for additional drawings).

  • All tickets will be drawn on the announced drawing date provided the minimum number of tickets are sold. The winner need not be present.

  • Guns will be drawn in a specific order and won in that order unless otherwise specified on drawing night. 

  • Arrangements may be made with our vendor partner to get another gun; winner will be responsible for any cost differences. 

  •  To win and claim the prize, the winning ticket holder MUST:

    • Present the valid winning ticket in person; and

    • Be legally eligible to own/possess a firearm; and

    • Must be able to pass the required background check.

  • There are a total of 20 firearms available to be won of varying calibers, styles (pistols, revolvers shotguns, and rifles) and configurations. All firearms are brand new and provided by our vendor partner.

  • Guns will be listed in advance on the Facebook Page: Pascagoula Elks Lodge 1120

  • Winners are responsible for all additional costs and/or required licenses or permits and for transfer fees if requested and allowable by state law.

  • All tickets sold are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • At no time will Pascagoula ELKS Lodge #1120 take possession of any firearms involved in this raffle.

  • Winning ticket holders will receive firearms directly from our vendor partner. All applicable laws will apply. Substitution of equal value will be provided in the event of circumstances beyond control of provider.

  • Winning ticket must be presented our vendor partner within 30 days of being drawn.

  • Winners who fail to claim their prize within 30 days or fail to meet prize claim eligibility requirements will forfeit their prize.

  • It is the ticket holder's responsibility to check the Facebook page: Pascagoula Elks Lodge 1120 and posted on the door of Pascagoula Elks Lodge #1120 located at 303 Krebs Ave, Pascagoula, MS.

  • As a courtesy, Pascagoula Elks Lodge #1120 will attempt to notify each winner by phone; however, this is only a courtesy. 

  • Failure to reach winning ticket holder by phone does not exclude winning ticket holder from unclaimed prizes rule. Winning ticket holder will forfeit prize if it is not claimed within 30 days.

  • Unclaimed or forfeited prizes will be donated back to Pascagoula Elks Lodge #1120.

  • It is the ticket holder's responsibility to safeguard their ticket. Pascagoula Elks Lodge #1120 is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets nor for a winner's failure to claim a prize or their ineligibility to claim a prize.

  • Tickets will be on sale until the announced drawing date. Prices for tickets, however, will not be discounted on day of drawing, or if sold after the drawing has begun. 

  • Pascagoula Elks Lodge #1120 reserves the right to update contest rules. Any such updates will be posted online so they are visible to all who participate.

Thank you for your interest in our Gun Raffle. All proceed help support the Pascagoula Elks Lodge and their charitable works.

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