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Pensacola Moose Lodge 557 Honors Pascagoula Elks 1120 for Hurricane Relief

L to R - Edward Neuman, Jr - Exalted Ruler Lodge 1120, A'ndrea Tillman - Member Lodge 1120, Bruce Spencer - Member Lodge 1120 / Past Administrator Moose Lodge 557, Bubba Holifield - Member Lodge 1120, Roy Suarez - Administrator Moose Lodge 447, Becky Turner - Member Lodge 1120.

The Pensacola Moose Lodge 557 honored the Pascagoula Elks Lodge 1120 and the Girl Scouts of The USA Troop 4001 for their support of relief efforts following the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian along the southern Florida Gulf Coast in September 2022. The effort was initially organized by Pascagoula Lodge 1120 Member Bruce Spencer, as he reached out to Moore Lodge 557 located in Pensacola, Florida, where he is a Past Administrator.

With the efforts of other members including Becky Turner, Bubba Holifield, A'ndrea Tillman, Larry Cobarrubia, and others, the group gathered cleaning and hygiene supplies and delivered them to the Moose Lodge in Pensacola where Administrator Roy Suarez and his members ensured their delivery to the affected areas. In addition to the supplies, over 200 letters of encouragement addressed to the victims of the storm were sent through the groups by Girl Scouts of the USA Troop 4001.

On Friday, January 20, 2023, Administrator Suarez and his wife Pam honored the Pascagoula Elks Lodge 1120 and Troop 4001 with plaques of appreciation during a presentation at the Pascagoula Lodge's Steak Night.

We are proud of our members and the girls of Troop 4001 for their Charity and Brotherly Love that resulted in this honor.

L-R Front: Neeka King, Marjorie, Evelyn, Madison, Ambreeen, Becky Turner. Back: Exalted Ruler Ed Neuman, A'ndrea Tillman, Bruce Spencer, Bubba Hoolifield, Administrator Roy Suarez.


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