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What Pascagoula Elks 1120 Means For Me

I began my journey as an Elk in 2015 in Rhode Island. I worked in the kitchen every Wednesday and Friday. We held an annual fishing derby for kids, gave warm clothes to the homeless, and brought food to the needy at holidays. When I returned to Mississippi in 2018 I didn't immediately transfer my membership.

The reason was, I didn't think I could find another Lodge or group of people that I could fit in with. I didn't know that my lodge in Rhode Island could be just the stepping stone to a greater group of people - a group that actually lives by the motto, "Elks Care, Elks Share."

At first, I only came for karaoke. I was welcomed with open arms, as was my wife. I saw the great things being done in our community. So, back in the kitchen, I went. Then, after a while, Hurricane Ian hit the Ft. Myers area of Florida. My parents called Ft. Myers home for 26 years, so it hit me hard.

Then Becky Turner and I began to talk about how we could help. Also being a Moose member, I spoke with my Moose Lodge in Pensacola. The rest is history. But, the outpouring of love, the staggering amount of supplies, donations, and physical labor to make that effort possible - amazed me.

Then the tornado in Rolling Fork came. 270 miles away. We could have ignored it; they happen all the time. But again, y'all stepped up. You gave and gave and you outgave even the hurricane effort.

You made me see what Elkdom is all about again. You make me proud to be associated with this Lodge. You have taught me to be more giving, more caring. You have taught me what the oath that I took truly means. You have helped me live a life with more meaning.

I want you to know that I love this Lodge, that I love all of you, and I am eternally grateful that God led me here. Because he led me here to some of the finest people I have ever been a part of or met.

- Bruce Spencer

April 13, 2023


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